"Without This Software, A Bored Teenager, A Competitor, Or Even Your Own Mother Could WIPE OUT Your Entire Adsense Income In Just 60 Seconds Flat!"

Dear Friend,

Google Adsense is truly one of the most amazing income sources on the Internet.

Simply paste some code into your web pages and Google will send you regular checks, without any of the usual hassles of making sales, keeping stock or supporting customers.

However there is still one big problem with Adsense - "Click Fraud".

Click fraud occurs when someone tries to CHEAT Google by clicking on the Adsense links on his or her own site in order to generate extra income.

This is of course very easy to do and usually takes the form of repeated clicks coming from the same PC.

Understandably, Google is very concerned about this and regularly checks Adsense accounts for signs of suspicious activity.

If you've never tried to cheat Google in this way, you may be thinking that this problem has nothing to do with you.

Hopefully you are right. However you should be aware that there are many reports on the Internet of  Adsense accounts being suspended or closed because of "suspicious activity", even though the person involved has never tried to cheat Google.

Here are a few of the stories that have been reported on the Internet...

Case 1 : "Hell hath no fury..."

John had a steady $50 a day income from Adsense. Not a fortune but a nice little income.

He split up from his girlfriend. They say "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned".

Well in this case, it proved true.

She visited his site and clicked loads of times on his Adsense ads.

It didn't take a lot of effort to do this. However the result was that John's Adsense account was closed down. $50 a day gone in an instant.

Case 2: "Mother, what have you done..."

Jill was proud of her Adsense sites, so she told his family about them.

Her family didn't really understand the concepts, but knew that every time anyone clicked on those little ads on the side of Jill's web pages, Jill got some extra money.

You can guess the rest.

Jill lost her Adsense account overnight, thanks to her own Mother!

There are many more cases around

... people using this to shut down competitors' sites

... people bearing a grudge using it to get their revenge

... bored kids simply doing it for kicks

It's just so easy to do!

The fact is that ANYONE can click on your ads, click their browser Back button, then click on the ads again.

Doing this repeatedly makes it "suspicious activity", which can get your account suspended or closed permanently.

Convincing Google that it was not your fault varies from difficult to impossible. Once your account has been closed, you are not permitted to apply for another account ever again.

I heard of one guy who was so worried about this problem that he checked his own visitor stats every day and contacted Google whenever anything looked even remotely suspicious, just to protect himself.

What did he do when he went on holiday?

Would you believe he removed all the Adsense ads from every one of his sites!

It might sound crazy, but that's just how worried he was about this problem.

So what can you do to protect yourself?

Well now, with our brand new Adsense Click Lock software, you can protect your Adsense account automatically.

Let's take a look at how this superb software protects your valuable Adsense income...

  Powerful Protection Prevents Repeat Clicks On Your Ads

Adsense Click Lock works on a very simple principle.

You select a maximum number of Adsense ads that each visitor can click on.

You can select any number from 1 upwards.

Once a visitor has clicked on that number of ads, ALL Adsense ads on ALL your web pages are automatically hidden from that visitor.

   Show Replacement Ads Automatically

Obviously once your Adsense ads are hidden, you can no longer generate income from Adsense on your web pages.

You don't want to miss out on valuable revenues, so the software doesn't just hide your Adsense ads, it replaces them with alternatives ads.

You can show replacement ads for Amazon, Overture, Clickbank or anything else you want.

You can specify different replacement ads for each of the Adsense ad blocks on your pages if you wish.

This means that you can protect your Adsense account and still generate income from your web pages.

   Secondary Protection For Increased Security 

Adsense Click Lock is able to detect Adsense clicks from visitors using the latest versions of the most popular browsers (Internet Explorer and Firefox), which should cover the majority of your website visitors.

However detecting Adsense clicks is a complex process. The solution differs for different browsers and even different versions of the same browser.

This means that it is impossible to guarantee that any software solution could detect every click from every possible browser in use on the Internet.

That's why Adsense Click Lock incorporates a second protection solution.

To use this second solution, you select a "maximum number of page views".

You can select any number from 1 upwards, but a typical value is 3 to 5.

For each visitor to your site, this is the maximum number of pages on which Adsense ads will be shown.

If a visitor views more than this number of pages, your Adsense ads are automatically hidden from that visitor (and your replacement ads are shown instead).

If a visitor clicks on one of your Adsense ads then clicks their Back button, this counts as a page view. This means that the maximum number of Adsense clicks that each visitor can make is limited to your "maximum number of page views" value.

For example, if you only allow a maximum of 3 page views, each visitor can only ever possibly click on a maximum of 3 Adsense ads.

This solution is activated on your web server (rather than inside the visitor's browser), so it is much less dependant on the features of the browser being used.

This provides powerful secondary protection for your Adsense account automatically.
  A Second Bite Of The Commission Cherry FREE!

Have you ever heard of the "law of diminishing returns"?

It's a well-known concept which applies to most things in life. In a nutshell, the law states that the more times you do something, the less effective it is.

What does this mean for your Adsense sites?

Let's say you have a visitor reading pages on your site who has not yet clicked on one of your ads. The law states that for each successive page the visitor views, the chances of a click on one of your ads gets less and less.

This is common sense really. After all, your visitors are seeing the same sort of ads - and in many cases the exact same ads - on every page.

What can you do about this?

The obvious solution is to show them something completely different.

Maybe Amazon photo ads or Clickbank ads - something that will suddenly catch their eye as a major change from the pages they have already viewed.

One of the great benefits of using Adsense Click Lock's secondary protection solution is that it does this for you automatically.

When the software hides your Adsense ads after your chosen number of page views, your different replacement adverts will be shown on your pages.

This "second bite of the cherry" offers you the chance of increased revenues with zero extra effort.

 See The System In Action Now...

You can see a demonstration site using Adsense Click Lock if you wish.

To avoid issues with people clicking on ads for the wrong reason (which would violate the Adsense terms), the demonstration site uses only Referral type Adsense ads rather than the more common content ads.

The software works exactly the same way for both types of ads.

If you visit up to three of the pages, you'll see Google ads at the top, middle and sides.

If you visit a fourth page (or just click the Refresh button four times) and the ads will change to Amazon adverts. The ads will also change if you click on any of the Google ads then click the Back button on your browser (as long as you are using a recent version of Internet Explorer or Firefox).

Click here to visit the demonstration site now (opens in a new browser window).

  Quick And Easy Setup

Adsense Click Lock tracks the IP address of each and every visitor to your site using a database. (An IP address is a number that uniquely identifies each PC, ensuring accurate, foolproof tracking of all your visitors).

The software requires an "SQL database" to track these IP addresses.

SQL databases are quite easy to set up. Most decent web hosts will create one for you if you cannot do it yourself, however the software does come with fully illustrated detailed instructions on how to do this.

After creating your database, you simply enter your details into the software. You can see a screenshot of the software below: 

Enter the details of your SQL database into the boxes. Enter the number of Adsense clicks and page views you want to allow
- and enter any replacement ads you want to use.

Now you simply click the Create button and the software will automatically generate special "protection files" for your websites.

Assuming your web host supports the "Mod Rewrite" feature, which most decent paid-for web hosts do, you only need to upload these new files to your web host (in the same way as you would upload any other file) and your site is instantly protected.

There is no need to make any changes to your web pages.

Note that if you are using free or low cost hosting which does not support the "Mod Rewrite" feature, you can still use the software, although you will need to make a small change to your web pages (full instructions are provided).

   Your Special Bonus: Adsense Income Video Course

Do you really need more website visitors to make more income?

Well, it certainly doesn't hurt, but the short answer is: no.

More and more these days, you need to spend money to get website visitors ... whether it's with Pay Per Click, buying text links, or banner advertising.

So, what's the easiest way to increase your website revenue?

Simple: make more from every visitor you receive.

I'm going to reveal five powerful ways you can use to vastly increase the value of every visitor you receive using Adsense...

These powerful yet very easy-to-follow profit increasing tactics come in the form of ten brand new videos you view directly at your computer. I've bundled these powerful videos into a product called 5 Easy Ways To Maximize Your Adsense Commissions:

These ten videos come to a total playing time of 80 minutes. Here's a quick rundown of exactly what you get:

Video One (4 Minutes)

In this video I reveal probably the easiest way to increase your Adsense clicks immediately. 

Video Two (10 Minutes)

Here I talk you through how to make simple but vital changes to your web pages if you want to maximize your Adsense commissions.

Video Three (12 Minutes)

In this video I talk you through further ways you can structure your website pages to boost your clicks and commissions.


Video Four (4 Minutes)

Here I'll show you a little known way to automatically test different Adsense units against each other to help you find what works best for your site.

Video Five (4 Minutes)

In this video I talk you through how to customize your Adsense units for higher commissions. 

Video Six (4 Minutes)

Here I reveal a very little known tactic that has been shown to increase Adsense commissions several times over.

Video Seven (9 Minutes)

In this video I'll show you how one easy web page formatting option can increase your Adsense clicks many times over.


Video Eight (5 Minutes)

Here I'll reveal why not every Adsense click is made equal and why some Adsense clicks are actually losing you profits.

 Video Nine (23 Minutes)

In this video I talk you through a powerful web design "trick" that can save you hours, even days of work and which allows you to optimize your Adsense ad units with just a few minutes work.

Video Ten (5 Minutes)

Here I'll reveal an often overlooked but potentially hugely profitable option within your Adsense control panel.


Protect Your Adsense Income Now

The open nature of the Internet and the nature of Adsense code makes it almost impossible to protect an Adsense account against all risks - in much the same way that it is almost impossible to completely protect a house from thieves.

However most people still fit secure locks or a burglar alarm to provide the maximum possible protection for their home.

With its advanced technology and twin protection mechanisms, Adsense Click Lock provides the most powerful protection solution currently available on the Internet for your Adsense account.

Every moment you are without Adsense Click Lock, your Adsense account is at a substantially increased risk of suspension or closure.

All it takes is one person clicking repeatedly on your ads and your entire Adsense income could disappear forever.

I could easily charge $100 or more for this powerful protection - and for most Adsense publishers, it would be worth every cent.

However I genuinely want to help my customers, not cash-in on their problems.

That's why I'm offering this powerful protection software, plus the valuable bonus video training course, all for the knockdown price of just $27.

Even though I'm offering this software at such a low price, I still want you to be 100% certain that it will really work for you.

That's why the software comes with my cast iron 30-day, no risk, 100% money-back guarantee...

Your 100%, No Risk, No Questions Asked,
Money-Back Guarantee

If you still have any lingering doubts about purchasing, let me reassure you now with the knowledge that your copy of this superb software is covered by my 100% cast iron, no questions asked, no risk guarantee.

If at any time during the next 30 days, you decide that this software does not meet your requirements, just shoot me a quick email and I guarantee to refund your money in full, no questions asked.

All this means you can take a full 30 days to check out all this great software for yourself, with no risk whatsoever.

In other words...you have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

The low price of $27 is a drop in the bucket compared to what you could make from the lucrative Adsense program.

So please don't delay. Grab your copy and secure your Adsense income now...

Order Now For Just $27

You'll receive instant access to your package, even if it's 2 am in the morning.

Totally secure payment is through Paypal.

_ Click here to order

To Your Success

Hugh Pate
Hugh Pate
Net Success Tools

Requirements: This software is for use only on PCs running Microsoft Windows. Your web host must support PHP and SQL (almost all paid for web hosts support these features). Your web host must also support the "Mod Rewrite" feature and must have PHP installed as a module, in order to use the software without having to modify your web pages. Most quality web hosts do meet these requirements, but if you are unsure, please ask your web hosting company. Note that this software will not work with Wordpress blogs.

Use On Multiple Websites: Adsense ads will only be hidden on web pages inside folders protected by the software. You may use the software to protect as many folders and as many separate websites as you wish (as long as they are all owned by you).

Limitations And Disclaimer: The software substantially increases the security of your Adsense account. However it is not possible to provide any guarantees with this type of software. The correct operation of the software relies on Internet browser features and even though the software incorporates two different mechanisms, it is still not possible to guarantee that it will correctly handle all possible cases. In addition, Google Adsense code is Javascript, which is inherently insecure and easy to access and copy. A good analogy for this software is to think of it like fitting a secure padlock to a door, which substantially increases the security of the door, but does not guarantee there will not be a break in.

Legal Notice: Google(TM) and Google AdSense(TM) are trademarks of Google Inc. This software is NOT endorsed by or associated with Google Inc. in any way - and we are NOT associated or affiliated with Google Inc. in any way. The software is fully compliant with the terms of Google Adsense as your Google Adsense code is not altered in any way by using this software. When hiding your Adsense ads, the software simply strips out the Google Adsense code from your web pages and replaces it with your replacement ads.


Please note that this software is for your personal use only and does not carry any form of resale rights (although the bonus video course does carry master resale rights).

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