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Dear Friend

As you probably know, affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to make money online.

But this has created massive competition - with more and more people now signing up as affiliates.

The result is thousands of affiliates promoting the same affiliate programs, chasing the same customers to buy the same products.

It's little wonder then that many marketers have resorted to using special "secret weapons" to give them an edge over other affiliates.

Until recently these weapons were only available in expensive scripts costing hundreds of dollars - putting them way out of reach of the "little guy".

But now with our superb new Affiliate Commando, you'll gain immediate access to a whole arsenal of powerful affiliate weapons

...and all for less than you can earn from just one commission.


    Increase Profits Using Link Cloaking

This is not rocket science - in fact it's the most basic affiliate weapon - but it's amazing how many affiliates are still missing out on this essential "trick".

Most affiliate links look something like this:

Or this

All these links look "techie" and quite obviously affiliate links.

With Affiliate Commando, the same affiliate links look like this:

Or this:

These links are neat, clean and look just like links to pages on your own website.

In an independently conducted test where the exact same email was sent to two groups of 4000 people - with the only difference in the emails being the link - over eight times as many people clicked on the cloaked link as clicked on the original affiliate link.

That's over eight times as much money, without any extra effort!

While I cannot promise that you'll see the same increase, you will almost certainly see a substantial increase from using cloaked links.


    Stop Selfish People Stealing Your Money

Link c
loaking doesn't just boost click-throughs. It also provides protection against the very common problem of "link hacking".

This is when your visitors or subscribers "hack" your affiliate link - either to steal your commission or just to stop you earning a commission (there really are a lot of people out there who dislike the idea that you make money just for providing a link).

Using link cloaking makes it much harder for people to hack your links, putting more money in your pocket for almost zero effort.

Simply by using link cloaking, you can boost your response - and protect your commissions - all at once.

With Affiliate Commando, it takes about 2 seconds to add link cloaking to a link.

Boosting and protecting your commissions has never been so easy.


    Promote Two Things At Once For FREE!

Why promote one thing, when you can promote two things at once at no extra cost?

"Link branding" is a special form of link cloaking, offering all the benefits of link cloaking but with a valuable extra benefit too.

With link branding a small message is shown in a small strip shown either above or below the sales page.

You can put any message you want in this message strip, including a link to any site you want.

To see an example of what this looks like, click here (opens in a new browser window).

Using link branding gives you additional opportunities to promote something else as well - or even to encourage the visitor to return back to your website if they decide not to buy.

With Affiliate Commando, it's really easy to add link branding to any link. Just select the required option from a drop-down list, then enter your message and link.

With Affiliate Commando, it's a quick and easy job to promote two things at once, boosting your profit opportunities with zero extra cost.


   Stop Greedy Or Sloppy Merchants From Throwing Away Your Cash!

Most affiliate marketers are familiar with link cloaking and branding - but few have even heard of the much more powerful "covert linking".

That means by using Affiliate Commando, you have a powerful edge over your competitors.

Covert linking (also known as "page bypassing") allows you to send visitors to any page on any site, while still getting your affiliate commission as normal.

Here's a couple of ways you can use this solution to boost your profits...

Case 1 - Bypass Loss Making Squeeze Pages

If there is a squeeze page in front of the sales page for the product you're promoting, you can bypass the squeeze page, sending visitors directly to the sales page.

Why would you want to do this?

The original concept of a squeeze page was as a front-end to a quality follow-up autoresponder sequence - with each of the follow-up emails automatically containing your affiliate ID, to maximize your chances of getting paid.

This is a win-win scenario. The affiliate gets a much higher chance of making a sale, while the product owner gets more subscribers.

Many reputable marketers offering a major product or service do still do this.

However there are a lot of marketers now just throwing up a squeeze page with little or no follow-up - purely to build their own list - with no benefit to their affiliates.

Not only does this mean you giving away subscribers for no benefit - but even worse - all those visitors who decide not to opt in are just lost commissions for you.

A good follow-up email series will more than make up for those losses - but if there isn't a proper follow-up system in place, you're just throwing away money.

But now, with Affiliate Commando's covert linking feature, you can bypass these worthless squeeze pages instantly and automatically.

Just select the "Covert Linking" option from the drop-down list on the software - and enter the actual direct web address of the sales page.

Affiliate Commando will send all your visitors directly to the sales page, while still ensuring that you get paid your commissions.

You can even create your own squeeze page for the product, then send visitors directly to the sales page if you want, effectively replacing the squeeze page with your own - building your own moneymaking subscriber list.

Case 2 - Bypass Loss Making Sales Pages

Covert linking is not limited to bypassing squeeze pages.

You can bypass the whole sales page if you want.

If you've found a great product which has a weak sales page, you can write your own sales page and then send visitors direct to the order link.

You can even send people direct from an article or an email straight to the order link - and still get paid your commission. 

This gives you a MASSIVE advantage over other affiliates promoting the same product, who'll be stuck sending their visitors to the poor quality sales page.

This can easily turn you into the top affiliate for the product - earning tons of money with little or no competition.

Covert linking is a powerful but little used strategy for boosting commissions. That's because most affiliates have no idea that this method exists - let alone how to deploy it.

But with your copy of Affiliate Commando, you can deploy this powerful income boosting solution instantly - with almost zero effort.


   Stop Commission Loss Totally - By Making Your Affiliate Links Obsolete!

With Affiliate Commando's powerful "covert cookies" feature, you can earn affiliate commissions without your visitors seeing any visible traces that you are promoting an affiliate program.

In fact this solution actually plants your affiliate cookies completely independently of the visitor clicking on your links.

This can be useful in cases where visible affiliate links could undermine sales - or where there is a serious risk of affiliate commission loss.

For example, if you're offering an independent review of a product, you can instantly lose all its credibility if the site appears to be promoting an affiliate link. However with covert cookies, you can provide a direct link to the sales page - and still get paid.

You even get paid if someone lands on your page then navigates to the sales page directly without clicking on your link at all.

Consider a case where someone likes the sound of what you're promoting, but decides to search on Google for product reviews before ordering - then ends up going direct to the sales page from Google without ever clicking on your link.

In a normal case, you lose your commission - but with Covert Cookies, you still get paid.

Covert cookies is a powerful solution for promoting affiliate programs from any website.

Most affiliates have no idea that this method exists - let alone how to deploy it.

But with your copy of Affiliate Commando, you can deploy this powerful income boosting solution instantly - with almost zero effort.


   Weed Out Weak Affiliate Programs And Find The Most Profitable - On Autopilot

There are usually lots of different websites offering similar products or services - and you need to find the one that makes you the most money.

Why not let Affiliate Commando do this for you on autopilot?

Just enter two affiliate links promoting similar products into Affiliate Commando.

The software will then automatically send half your traffic to one link and half to the other.

Now you just wait and see which pays you the most - then dump the loser.

You can then repeat with other links if you wish, refining the process until you find the one affiliate program that performs best for you.

With Affiliate Commando, finding the most profitable affiliate program is as easy as pie.

   Deploy These Profit Boosting Weapons On Your Affiliate Links In Just Seconds

Setting up a new affiliate link with Affiliate Commando is a quick and easy process, as shown in the screenshot below.

Choose a link name (a suitable short name to identify the link), then enter this along with the URL of the affiliate into the form.

Choose your affiliate weapon from the drop-down list, then click the "Create New Affiliate Link" button - and your link is instantly set up, ready for use.

As you can see, adding powerful, profit boosting strategies to your affiliate links takes just a few seconds with Affiliate Commando.


   Instantly View And Administer All Your Affiliate Links At Any Time

Once you've created a link, it appears on the link list, as shown below. This link list provides quick and easy
administration for all your links.

Next to each link, there are basic stats, showing the number of total and unique clicks and the number of associated sales (see below for more details), along with a set of buttons.

The buttons allow you to:

View detailed stats for the link (i.e. how many total and unique clicks the link has received each day for the past month)

View and edit the link details

Delete the link

ith this simple solution, you can instantly view all your links whenever you want and even update them.

If an affiliate program performs badly - or closes down - you simply click the "edit" button and enter a replacement link - and all your traffic is sent to the new link automatically.

This simple administration solution helps you to keep on top of all your affiliate programs, ensuring you maximize your income.


   Save Time And Effort With Automatic Built-In Instant Link Tracking

Affiliate Commando keeps detailed visitor stats for each of your affiliate links automatically.

This means you can check the stats for every link instantly, without having to login to lots of different affiliate accounts.

The script shows you the number of people to click on each link (total and unique clicks).

You can use the "detailed stats" button to view stats for every day over the past month.

All this easy-to-use tracking gives you valuable information to help you to keep on top of your affiliate promotions.


Your Affiliate Tactics Training Package

Affiliate Commando comes with our comprehensive selection of affiliate marketing training resources, created to guide you on the road to affiliate success...

    Web 2.0 Affiliate Tactics Report

The Internet has changed forever.

The reason - "Web 2.0" - a term bandied about by many - and yet understood by few.

The true impact of Web 2.0 has been to change the nature of successful affiliate marketing, offering masses of new opportunities.

Now in your copy of Web 2.0 Affiliate Battle Tactics, you'll learn what Web 2.0 really means for your affiliate marketing business

...and how to use that knowledge to charge ahead of the competition.

Here's a quick summary of the topics included in this valuable report...

  • The Times, They Are A Changing

  • Some Things Never Change

  • Getting Targeted Traffic

  • Niche Research

  • Your Website Strategy

  • Web 2.0 Articles

  • Web 2.0 Interactivity

  • Web 2.0 The Video Age

  • Web 2.0 Social Marketing Through Squidoo

  • Web 2.0 Blogs And Forums

  • Putting It All Together

This great report was created to sell at $27 a copy and worth every cent.

However it's all yours at no extra cost when your order your copy of Affiliate Commando

   Strategies For Affiliate Success Report

While the first special report covers strategies for affiliate success using on the new Web 2.0 technologies, Strategies For Affiliate Success focuses more on traditional, time-served promotional methods for success.

The report provides loads of essential information on how to successfully generate an income by promoting affiliate programs, starting from the basics and working up to more advanced information.

Topics covered include...

Affiliate Marketing Basics

  • What is Affiliate Marketing?
  • Affiliate Marketer Defined
  • Are Affiliates in Demand? 
  • The Pros Of Affiliate Marketing
  • The Cons Of Affiliate Marketing
  • How to Make Money
  • Getting all the Tools you Need
  • The Age-Old Question: "Do You Need a Website ?"
  • Your Main Focus in Affiliate Marketing
  • Accepting Affiliate Payments

Affiliate Success Secrets

  • Identifying an Existing Hot Demand
  • Choosing the Right Product
  • Where to Look for the Right Product Online
  • How to use Auto Responders for Maximum Benefits
  • Have a Mailing List of Your Own
  • Have Your Own Voice Through Creating Special Reports
  • Setting Up your Affiliate Marketing System
  • How to Get Targeted Traffic
  • Using Pay-Per-Click
  • Purchasing Domain Names
  • Driving Traffic with Blogs
  • Art of Paid Advertising
  • Your Mailing List & Effective Email Marketing
  • Other Effective Affiliate Marketing Methods

Deadly Affiliate Marketing Hazards

  • Act of Spamming
  • Telling Good Traffic from Bad
  • Choosing the Wrong Products
  • Unable to Identify a Demand
  • Other Notable Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

Making the Most of Affiliate Marketing

  • Making Back-End & Residual Commissions
  • Age-Old Question: "Do You Need to Have Your Own Product ?"
  • Is Affiliate Marketing for You?
  • The Affiliate Program Directory

This in-depth 45 page report was created to sell at $47 a copy.

However it's included at no extra cost with your copy of Affiliate Commando

   Affiliate Secrets Video Training Series

In this special series of seven new videos, you'll discover lots of easy-to-duplicate affiliate secrets, allowing you to create affiliate income on demand...

Video One (5 Minutes)

In this video you'll discover the building blocks to creating affiliate cash on demand.

Video Two (13 Minutes)

This video goes more in depth into the exact step-by-step elements you need to put together to make sure your affiliate promotions are a runaway success.

Video Three (10 Minutes)

In this video you'll see a case study - a slightly different way to put together an affiliate promotion that can also work incredibly well (it also has a number of unique advantages as you'll see).

Video Four (11 Minutes)

Here you'll see real life case studies of email promotions - and how you can use these as templates to help you profit even more with your affiliate marketing.

Video Five (17 Minutes)

In this video you'll see how to design an affiliate promotion web page.

Video Six (8 Minutes)

Here you'll see how to create and use PDFs to help affiliate promotion's stand out.

Video Seven (15 Minutes)

In this video you'll see a case study of a certain affiliate promotion that pulled in hundreds of sales in less than a week.


This in-depth 79 minute tutorial video series was created to sell at $27 a copy.

However it's included at no extra cost with your copy of Affiliate Commando


All This For One Low Price... 

Promoting affiliate programs is one of the best solutions for generating an income online.

There's no customer support, no hassle and no risks. Just send people to a website and automatically get paid lucrative commissions on every resulting sale.

BUT with so much money available for so little effort, lots of people are now jumping on the affiliate bandwagon - all fighting for the same commissions.

That's why you need an edge over the competition for your affiliate marketing

...and there is nothing better anywhere on the Internet than Affiliate Commando.

Let's just quickly recap the powerful features of this superb software...

  Boost click-through rates and profits

  Protect your links from lost commissions through hacking

  Promote two things at once using link branding

  Bypass loss-making squeeze and sales pages using covert linking

  Get paid even if visitors don't click your link, by using covert cookies

  Find the most profitable affiliate program for any type of product

  Keep all your affiliate links together for easy management

  Instantly replace dead or poor-performing affiliate links

  Track clicks with detailed stats for all your links

If you were to buy separate software tools to do all these tasks, you could easily end up paying hundreds of dollars.

But I want to level the playing field by making these valuable affiliate marketing tools available to ordinary affiliates like you - not just to the gurus with their big budgets.

That's why - if you order today - you'll get your own copy of this software - complete with the valuable affiliate training resources - all for just $47.

You could easily recoup this low cost with just one additional affiliate sale.

Yet this software has the power to boost your commissions on an ongoing basis, potentially adding hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month to your income.

This software is a "must have" for any serious affiliate marketer.

But to make your decision a complete "no brainer", I'm going to take all the risk myself with my cast iron 30-day, no risk, 100% money-back guarantee...

Your 100%, No Risk, No Questions Asked,
Money-Back Guarantee

If you still have any lingering doubts about purchasing, let me reassure you now with the knowledge that your copy of this superb software is covered by my 100% cast iron, no questions asked, no risk guarantee.

If at any time during the next 30 days, you decide that this software does not meet your requirements, just shoot me a quick email and I guarantee to refund your money in full, no questions asked.

All this means you can take a full 30 days to check out all this great software for yourself, with no risk whatsoever.

In other have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

I expect a lot of demand for this superb software, so this low price could increase at any time without notice.

So please don't delay. Order your copy right now...

Order Affiliate Commando Now For Just $47

You'll receive instant access to your software, even if it's 2 o'clock in the morning.

Totally secure payment is through Paypal
_ Click here to order

To Your Success

Hugh Pate
Hugh Pate
Net Success Tools

This software is for use only on PCs running Microsoft Windows. The script requires a web host which supports PHP and SQL (most quality web hosts support these as standard). 

Earnings Disclaimer
Although we provide powerful tools which can help boost affiliate commissions, the results are dependent on many factors outside our control, including of course the quality and nature of your traffic. We are not therefore able to give any guarantees about the level of income that you will attain by using this software. We will however happily refund your money in full in the unlikely event that you are unhappy with your purchase.

Please note that this software is for your personal use only and does not carry any form of resale rights.

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